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Teacher Booker to Support Supply Teacher Management across Scotland

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We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a framework supplier by Scotland Excel to provide high quality supply teacher booking solutions for their member councils. The agreement, which will see us, along with four other providers, support members, councils and other bodies across Scotland to fill their required supply [...]

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How to lead your school through uncertainty this school year

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The coming school year is shaping up to be one of the most unusual in living memory. As yet there is little guarantee that the usual form and structure of the school year will be in place -- prudent school leaders will now be preparing for the unexpected, and ensuring plans are in place [...]

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Now is the Time to Return to Local Supply Teacher Pools

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This is how Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts and other school groups in England are running cost-effective and ethical supply pools, today. Over the last twenty years, the supply teaching sector has become a fragmented wild west where it’s all too common for schools to be fleeced and supply teachers exploited. It’s time [...]

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The Retention Crisis – Nine things we learned at the Schools and Academies Show 2019

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The Retention Crisis is seldom spoken about, especially compared to its more prominent twin, The Recruitment Crisis. Nonetheless, the figures associated with Retention Crisis are deeply unsettling. Eager to understand the story behind these figures and the optimal response strategies, we were fortunate enough to attend an eclectic smattering of talks on the subject at the [...]

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The Government Recruitment and Retention Strategy for Teachers: Seven Key Observations

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Introduction The DfE’s long-awaited ‘Recruitment and Retention Strategy’ was released today and, as you might expect, there is plenty to discuss and dissect. Broadly, we echo the enthusiasm of other pundits and industry leaders. The Recruitment and Retention Strategy (RRS) is bold, well-informed and could rewrite the fundamentals of how the teaching workforce is organised. [...]

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Flexible Working for Teachers – what we learned from LKMco, WomenEd, Flexible Teacher Talent and other experts.

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When it comes to hosting events, LKMco are known for two things: exciting salons of solutions-oriented thinking and stellar spreads of food and drink. Last night’s event, titled “Flexible Working: How can we take the force out of the teacher workforce?” was no exception. Teacher Booker were delighted to attend and participate in a wide-ranging [...]

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The ‘Part-Time Teaching’ Panacea: Problems and Prospects of a cure for the recruitment and retention crisis

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The past year has been filled with several calls for schools to offer more opportunities for part-time and flexible work to teachers. The reasons are straightforward: Teaching is gripped by a recruitment and retention crisis, both at the national and local scale. More teachers are leaving the classroom – and often the education sector entirely – than [...]