• Technology based supply services

Technology Based Supply Services – How the Education Sector can Adapt and Change

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Ollie Parsons, a former education recruitment professional now helping teachers and schools connect on Teacher Booker, explores how schools are changing their recruitment solutions as a result of the lockdown. The last 18 months have seen schools face unprecedented challenges. SLT have had to move rapidly to change the way in which education is [...]

  • Teaching in lockdown

Teaching in Lockdown – 10 Things You Never Expected to Hear, Say or Do as a Teacher!

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Georgina Bromilow, a former classroom and supply teacher who now helps schools and teachers connect at Teacher Booker, explores the often humorous twists and turns of remote learning. We really don’t know how you’ve done it, but here you are, “finally at the finish line” as one of our teachers put it. Remote learning, [...]

  • Parent and child homeschooling

Homeschooling: how to ensure maximum engagement for your child

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We know how challenging homeschooling can be. That's why we are providing parents with access to our community of qualified teachers for homeschooling support, ensuring children continue to be motivated by, and engaged with, their studies. After speaking with hundreds of parents over the last few weeks we realise even more now how [...]

  • School leaders must find their strategic direction amidst uncertainty

How to lead your school through uncertainty this school year

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The coming school year is shaping up to be one of the most unusual in living memory. As yet there is little guarantee that the usual form and structure of the school year will be in place -- prudent school leaders will now be preparing for the unexpected, and ensuring plans are in place [...]

  • Strategic leadership means seeing change as opportunity

Strategic Leadership for Schools: Maintaining Safe Staffing Levels through Workforce Management and Talent Planning

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School leaders have spent enormous time and energy over the last 6 months ensuring robust plans are in place to support the wider opening of schools in September. As we look towards the coming term, it’s clear that maintaining appropriate staffing levels will be critical to both pupil and staff safety and ongoing provision [...]

  • Teacher Vacancies

What the coronavirus pandemic will mean for school recruitment this year

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Since March the education sector, like many others, has faced a once in a generation challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst schools have done a fantastic job in tackling the situation head on, we can anticipate that a new set of challenges, particularly around recruitment and workforce, will emerge when the school year [...]

  • Supply Teacher - Local Authority Supply Pools

Now is the Time to Return to Local Supply Teacher Pools

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This is how Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts and other school groups in England are running cost-effective and ethical supply pools, today. Over the last twenty years, the supply teaching sector has become a fragmented wild west where it’s all too common for schools to be fleeced and supply teachers exploited. It’s time [...]

  • For Schools - Supporting Supply Teachers During Coronavirus

For Schools: Supporting Supply Teachers During Coronavirus

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You may have heard that thousands of supply teachers across the country have been struggling to receive financial support during the coronavirus pandemic. Many agencies and the umbrella companies which agency teachers work through have either not yet furloughed their teachers or have only been able to offer them furlough at 80% of the [...]

  • Supply Teacher Furlough Pay During Coronavirus

Supply Teacher Furlough Pay During Coronavirus

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Many supply teachers have been ‘left in limbo’ amid uncertainty of eligibility for furlough payments. The reason for this is that there are several employment and payment mechanisms which are used across the sector, and Government guidance has not yet explicitly addressed furlough eligibility for every scenario. Below we break down how these mechanisms [...]