We know how challenging homeschooling can be. That’s why we are providing parents with access to our community of qualified teachers for homeschooling support, ensuring children continue to be motivated by, and engaged with, their studies.

After speaking with hundreds of parents over the last few weeks we realise even more now how tricky homeschooling can be. This lockdown seems to be harder than the last and the worries about children falling behind and losing confidence in their learning are now beginning to grow.

Schools are doing an AMAZING job in keeping open for key workers’ and vulnerable children and providing work for every child. But we do know that nothing can match the interaction between teacher and child and their fellow classmates. That particular, motivating relationship between a teacher and pupil is something which is hard to replicate in the home environment.

Active learning at home with the support of a professional teacher can help to overcome some of the problems of lack of motivation and reignite a love of learning and the feelings of success that a buzzy classroom environment creates. Worksheets and videos are limited in the support they can provide and aren’t able to spot misconceptions in a child’s learning, inspire ideas or extend their learning in the same way that one-to-one attention is able to.

Plus, as we’ve heard from many parents, it’s possible that they haven’t got the time (or let’s face it, in many cases, the patience) to sit through the process explaining hours of endless worksheets.

We provide homeschooling support from qualified teachers who can help address some of these issues. Our teachers are highly adaptable and will work with you to best support your child. Enquire at the link below and we’ll get in touch with some potential teachers, and you’ll be able to meet each of your shortlisted teachers for a free consultation.

Here are a few ways you could use our homeschooling support services to ensure your child gets the most out of every session.

  • Consider inviting another classmate to join the session. This can be a cost effective solution, and provide some crucial social interaction and peer learning support.
  • Think about splitting up your teacher’s sessions to, for example, an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon (for Y3 and below we recommend half hour slots). This way the teacher can help with explaining the day’s tasks and return later to ensure the work has been completed, fully understood and extended.
  • Maybe ask your teacher to work with the work provided by your school and then add something different that the school might not be able to provide so easily like P.E, Music, History, problem solving, mindfulness or PSHE sessions.
  • Your teacher can help to identify potential areas of the curriculum that your child may find challenging e.g. fractions (I know I did!) or creative writing, and work on specific targets with an intense block of tuition in one week.
  • Your teacher can be there just to check in with you and your child/children every week to pick up on any misconceptions and ensure steady progress. You can always sit in on the lesson to see how the teacher explains the tricky bits too!

Homeschooling support is there when you need it and as you want to use it. Let’s have a chat and see if we can lend a hand.

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