If there ever was a time to celebrate the utter fabulousness of teachers, this is the year!

We already know that a skilled teacher can rustle up the International Space Station using only a couple of kitchen roll holders and an egg box whilst simultaneously writing and directing a class assembly presentation to rival the Royal Variety Show, but the challenges this year has thrown up have stretched even the most creative of teacher brains.

Knowing the importance of the annual festive performance of the Nativity or other joyous plays, teachers have been determined to break out the cardboard wings and tinsel and ‘go on with the show’.

I’ve heard stories from across the country of big virtual concerts being filmed and broadcast live on Zoom, individual classes recording segments of the Nativity which is then stitched together to produce something akin to a Hollywood movie, and even where singing is banned in schools, pupils are recording themselves singing at home and then inserted into a huge virtual online choir.

I spoke to a school in Twynholm, Dumfries and Galloway to find out how their teachers embraced the challenge of the pandemic’s restrictions to produce a spectacular outdoor Nativity, which is already causing some ripples on Youtube.

Jillian Maxwell, one of the teachers at the beautiful village school, told me:

All 61 children were given a speaking role and from this they gained confidence and learned about performance skills. The aim was to create a fully inclusive learning experience whilst embracing the spirit of Christmas with a topical Covid spin. There was no doubt the highlight was a visit from Danny the donkey who had a starring role in the show. 

They did this using their technology skills and shared on various social media platforms. The children are enjoying monitoring their YouTube video which currently has had over 1300 views so far. It has been viewed around the world in places as far afield as New Zealand, Canada and even the Congo. 

 If you’d like a little Christmas cheer you can view our video at https://youtu.be/AU0Tm2rVpLU

The children love these shows, so do the parents, and even though it’s really, really hard work, let’s be honest, we love them too!

What is your school doing for your Christmas concert/play this year? We’d love to know what you are up to and how it went! Please send your links to georgina@teacherbooker.com, or tweet and follow us at @teacherbooker. Here at Teacher Booker we love to celebrate great practice!

I hope this Christmas is as good as it can be for all of our community of educators.