Meet the Teacher Booker Team

We believe if you bring great people together and create an environment and culture in which they can grow, amazing things can be achieved. We have a shared vision to create positive change in the education sector, improving the lives of millions of people in the UK. We are a team of techies, teachers, tinkerers and big thinkers.

VamsiCEO & Founder
Vamsi believes that we can make a positive impact on the world by consistently challenging the status quo. He thinks that technologies can be created to improve people’s lives – that’s why he started Teacher Booker. He strives to create an environment where great people can come together and build world-changing products and services.
SusieProduct Manager
Susie believes in striving to build the best product on the market. That means ensuring Teacher Booker leads from the front – using technology to change mindsets and solve the very real issues facing the education system, whilst staying highly cost effective for schools.
CheHead of Operations
Che believes that great things happen where big ideas and grounded thinking converge.
He ensures that our support and onboarding of teachers and schools is the best in the world and that we are constantly improving our overall service.
JemmaCustomer Success
Jemma believes that teaching is about building strong relationships.
She is passionate about recruiting and placing engaging & dynamic teaching staff in schools.
With 15 years’ teaching experience Jemma is well placed to help TA’s and Teachers find where their skill set lies and give them the best teaching experience. Together, we can work to help children achieve their dreams.
AndrewHead of Technology
Andrew believes that education is incredibly valuable and the best way to empower and liberate people. Teaching people their skills for life is not just good for the individual today but better for society and a better world tomorrow.
Teacher Booker provides a fundamental structural change to education sector. Making a positive difference in schools across the country is an amazing opportunity; every person in the country can benefit.
EliasSchools Success Manager
Elias has 14 years’ experience as a primary school teacher, both full-time and on supply. He believes that the long-overdue upgrade in education recruitment has arrived, benefitting schools, teachers and pupils.
Emmanuel believes the opportunity to receive an outstanding education is what most empowers an individual to gain the skills required to make positive, lasting change in the world.
He strives to reduce the cost of education through technology and process innovation in Teacher Booker products so schools’ funding can be more efficiently spent to improve teaching, resulting in further empowerment of students to enact lasting positive change throughout our society.