We’re currently helping supply teachers to earn up to 25% more than via a typical agency/umbrella company arrangement at no extra cost to their regular school(s).

We have found that Employer’s NI contributions, admin fees and other deductions are routinely being taken from supply teachers’ agreed rate of pay. Those teachers thought they had agreed a certain day rate, but the amount they are getting paid is significantly less.

Supply teachers shouldn’t be paying their umbrella company’s taxes, yet thousands are. It’s a scandal.

We have investigated supply teachers’ payslips from three major umbrella companies, each of which work with dozens of supply teacher agencies and supply apps nationwide. All the supply teachers we’ve spoken to in regard to their pay were working for well below M1 on the leading teacher union’s pay scale, and from this a further 14% Employer’s taxes were being deducted from their pay — meaning their final daily gross pay (pre-tax) was at least 14% below M1.

Take a look at your most recent pay advice or payslip.

From the weekly total of your agreed rate, are any of the following deductions made?

  • “Employers’ National Insurance Contribution”

  • “Umbrella company margin”

  • “Employer’s Margin”

  • “Administration fee”

  • “Employer’s Outgoings”

  • “Employment Costs”

If so, we may be able to help you earn 25% more by eliminating the agency fees and Employer’s Costs deductions described above. This will have no bearing on the amount your school pays — the only difference is that you’d be paid PAYE via Teacher Booker.

This teacher switched from a raw deal at an agency/app to Teacher Booker

Here’s a like-for-like comparison of a teacher who is now earning far more via Teacher Booker than via the recruitment agency and umbrella company she previously worked through:

This teacher now takes home £113.52 more per week.

That’s a staggering £1,475.76 more per term!

Supply Teacher Agency Umbrella Company Pay Comparison

What can happen next?

1. Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and let us know your story.

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2. We’ll assess your circumstances

If you’re currently working in a school via an agency or umbrella company, or you are looking to start working as a regular supply teacher with a school you know already, get in touch. We’ll seek to understand your situation and will assess how we may be able to help you earn more, and help the school to pay less overall at the same time. Win win!

Even if you were introduced to a school via an agency, you may be able to switch who you work through at that school after a specified period of time has passed (often just 12 weeks). After this period has elapsed, you’ll be able to work through Teacher Booker and earn more!

And if you’re looking for new schools to work in, you’ll start receiving job invitations from the schools who use Teacher Booker to source great teachers and support staff for short and long-term assignments.

3. Earn More!

If we can help, we’ll set you up on our payroll system and conduct the necessary vetting and background checks so you’re ready for work as soon as possible.

Once you’re cleared for work, your school will be able to book you through Teacher Booker, meaning they’ll save money and you’ll earn more than if you were working through any other agency or supply app service.

We’re here to help

Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!

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